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WebCRM var valin CRM vara ársins í annað árið í röð hjá “2018 Network Computing Awards”, þökk sé viðskiptavinum WebCRM í alþjóðlegri kosningu.

Let your team take care of the customers,
and webCRM will handle everything else

webCRM helps your sales team with practical tasks. It keeps track of the day’s tasks, remembers follow-ups and quickly puts together call lists or segmented e-mails broadcasts.  Yet, those are just some of the many features which allow you and your team more time for customers.

Task management
Now it has become easier for salespeople in your team to remember all the important follow-ups. Task management on the home page gathers the to-dos for the day.  

Analysis tools
Analyse data and produce quick reports which you can present in the sales meeting. Or use the analysis tool to segment e-mail broadcasts.

ERP integration
Get rid of a lot of duplicated work in both the sales team and in the accounting department. Synchronise data from your existing ERP system with webCRM.

Created by salespeople

A new system is only successful when it is used. webCRM is created by experienced salespeople. All functions are adapted to the daily life of a sales team. So you can customise the system to remove unnecessary fields or redundant functions. The flexible structure is one of the many good reasons to choose webCRM. To discover how CRM in general could help you, click here.


Perfect for getting started with CRM – e.g. a start-up or small business



Make webCRM the management tool for the sales team, finance and management


Get even more out of webCRM with customer support and many marketing functions

20,000 satisfied users worldwide

Over 2,500 companies in 20 different countries are boosting their sales with webCRM.

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