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Smart and reliable People counting

Big data is no longer just as a buzzword. Today, access to detailed, real-time insights about customer behavior is a core competitive advantage in many industries. Video-based people counting offers retailers and other service industries a way to capture and analyze customer data from their locations.

For instance, it is used by:

  • Retailers to calculate conversion rates and evaluate the results of their campaigns
  • Museums and event companies to easily provide visitor statistics

Solutions for people counting in retail

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-efficient way to measure footfall, our video-based People Countings solution is a perfect match.

  • Measure the number of customers or visitors
  • Evaluate and improve marketing and promotional activities
  • Optimize staffing schedules and daily operations
  • Analyze and share relevant footfall statistics

In addition you can also measure queue, gain demographics insights and estimate store occupancy.

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